Autumn's Arriving, 2008

Every year, either mid-August or early-September, I seem to manage to find an inspiring image reminding me that Autumn color is just around the corner. On this fine 95º day (85º in my house), I happened to find this year’s image:

It doesn’t appear likely that I’ll get to continue my autumn tradition of shooting the Japanese maples in front of my house this autumn, since we’re finalizing the sale of our house (and I don’t want to trespass). I’m sure the trees will be thankful that I’m not out there sticking my lenses in them. Depending on which house we settle on purchasing (we have two really excellent choices), though, I may find other victims…

Here’s a chronology of these images, to keep score…

(Taken Labor Day weekend with my digital point-and-shoot)

(Early September)

(August 21 — testing the 55-200 VR)

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