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Sep 09 2016


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Valley Arts United Puyallup City Gallery Show

I am honored to present a series of photos for  Valley Arts United in Puyallup from September through December, 2016. All of the photos are for sale, with a portion of the sale going to support this wonderful arts program in my hometown.

All of the photos were taken and edited on an iPhone. I use several apps in my workflow, depending on how I am inspired. I love the power of this full-blown digital photography studio that I carry in my pocket. In these images, I wanted to display a range of my work, and show off the power of the iPhone for use in large-format prints.

A few of these images are making their public debut here in this exhibition.  I share many photos on my social media accounts, but I specifically wanted to display work in this show that has not been seen before. None of them have been printed before.

This show also marks the print debut of my #HaikuCaptions collection, which I intend to continue to curate and publish as a book. This collection blends the art of the written word with an image in order to more deeply capture a moment. Sometimes the words are stronger than the image, and sometimes the image takes the lead. My goal with this series has been to combine words and image in such a manner that the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. I aim to share a positive perspective on life, and use my art to express life’s joys and challenges with gratitude.

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