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Sep 09 2016


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Summer’s Sunflower

Summer’s sunflower
Rising strong in burning sun
Ne’er consumed by fire
24″ x 24″ Canvas Print $250

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers to photograph. With this image I was inspired to use my hybrid photo-painting technique. I took the original photo in Hipstamatic, and used the “Fashion” film/lens combo Pak to give it a bit of a Salvador Dali feel. I could’ve used the Dali Pak but I preferred the look of the Fashion Pak for this image.

To add texture to the mostly-cloudy sky I used DistressedFx to create a copy of the image. Then I blended some of the original version of the bottom sunflower as well as all of the main sunflower back in, using Filterstorrm Neue – still the iPhone app that most resembles Photoshop and all of its editing power. The creative power for imagery is so incredible on the iPhone.

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