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Sep 09 2016


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Plunging its descent

Plunging its descent
Faster than hourglass sands
Yet as time stands still
16″x20″ photograph $200

An image that was taken with the SlowShutterCam app, which simulates what a camera can do with a long exposure. The waterfall is Upper Latourell Falls, which is absolutely beautiful. I have spent many hours at Lower Latourell Falls – which is my favorite waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge – but as many times as I have been there, I had never hiked to the upper falls until this year.

The hike to the upper falls follows the creek through lush green woods. I can’t believe I hadn’t ever taken the trail until recently. The falls actually fan out at the top and are funneled through basalt into this narrow plunge to the creek bed. You can walk behind this part of the falls, too.

Many people only take the time to stop at Multnomah Falls, which certainly is beautiful. But the series of waterfalls along the old highway has a lot of different beauty. I still could spend hours watching the water cascade down the columnar basalt cliffs, both here at the upper falls, and at the lower falls.

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