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Sep 09 2016


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Summer’s Last Journey

Summer’s last journey
Time spent in magnificence
Gratitude abounds
20″ x 30″ photograph $300

In choosing photos for this exhibit, I had to first view the space that I was going to fill. Initially, my plan was to choose 20-25 photos and print them to about 11×14 and call it a show. But when I saw the space that I had to fill I was both excited and challenged by the larger blank canvas that was open for to me fill. I knew that 11×14 wasn’t going to cut it. They would seem dwarfed and not really fill the amount of space this wonderful gallery provides.

Since the challenge for this exhibit was to select only images I had taken with my iPhone, I had to up my game and select photos that would print in a much larger format. With such a tiny sensor, the technical quality of the iPhone allows little room for error when taking a photo intended for large sized prints. The technology of viewing an image on a screen is different than that for viewing a printed image, and sometimes an image that looks good on a small screen doesn’t work as well printed. Any flaws in the image are magnified in a larger print.

With this knowledge, I made several trial prints of some images I wanted to hang in my exhibit before realizing they didn’t meet my quality standard. So on my trip to Whistler in August, I wanted to shoot a photo to deliberately print large. I have many camera apps, but my go-to standard camera is ProCam. I wrote about this app for It allowed me to shoot in “TIFF” mode, which, prior to the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 release, was as close as you could get to shooting RAW on the iPhone.

During one of our hikes at Whistler I saw this scene before me and knew this was the image. I have been to a few gallery shows with photos created solely with mobile phones, and it still amazes me to see large prints made from images taken with such a tiny camera. The wonder of technology combined with the beauty of art fascinates me to no end.

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