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Sep 09 2016


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Even in silence

Even in silence
Echoes buried deep within
Herald to be heard
16″x20″ photograph $200

October foggy mornings at the lake demand to be experienced. The metaphor of fog for a sense of confusion and unclarity is the subject of this haiku-photo.

Sometimes talking through our challenging moments helps. Other times it’s important to escape into silence so we can listen and manage them properly.

By having minimal distraction, we can confront the moments we face by focusing on the experience of our senses — the damp, cold dew on our skin serving as a balm that relaxes our muscles and penetrates the tension to help soothe it. Listening to the slow rushing noise of a gentle breeze, or the sound of complete calm, and placing our experiential knowledge on the truth that no moment is permanent. Finding fascination in all of our circumstances leads to deeper joy.

We can succumb to our inner turmoils or we can pause, accept the what is of the moment, and release them with gratitude for having lived that moment.

Clarity may or may not come, but the experience and the journey is so much more valuable than the destination.

Valley Arts United exhibit.