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Sep 09 2016


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With eyes wide open

With eyes wide open
I see real moments painted
A sight for sore eyes
12″x12″ photograph $150

This image is another of my painted photos, using the technique of applying some sort of painterly effect on one copy and then painting back part of the original photograph on top of that image.

The photo for this image was taken on my July 5th hike up to Dege Peak at the Sunrise visitor center on Mt. Rainier. I had gone up there early, figuring most people would be sleeping in after late night 4th of July festivities.

I was right.

Upon reaching Dege Peak, I passed one small crowd leaving the summit. I had the peak all to myself.

For two hours.

I sat on a rock and opened my iPad to start writing. I journaled, I munched on a granola bar, I sipped some water from my Camelback. It was surreal being in such a beautiful spot all by myself.

I remember thinking that the scene before me looked like a painting. The view of Mt Rainier from the Sunrise area is one of my favorites, even though I’m quite used to the perspective of this behemoth volcano from its shadow in Puyallup. The colors of the iron-rich rocks blended with the trees and the soft snowy peak popping out against a blue sky all blended together as a painter might paint on a canvas. I wanted to give the viewer the impression of being here and seeing the scene as a painting like I did.  So, it was only appropriate that I use my painted photo technique to process this image, with part of the image as a real photograph and the rest of it as a painting.

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