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Sep 09 2016


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Sometimes loneliness

Sometimes loneliness
Paints lies of unworthiness
Breathe the truth instead
12″x12″ photograph $150

Last summer I did a lot of hiking by myself. I did a few hikes with other people, but I hiked several times to really get out and clear my head.

The irony of going hiking to clear my head in this particular trip was that it was during the bad wildfires and the smoke from those fires was choking the air. You can see this smoke in the background.

This image was taken at Eunice Lake, in Mt. Rainier National Park, just below Tolmie Peak. I stopped and had breakfast on the shore before climbing the last leg of the trail to Tolmie Peak.

When I got to the top of Tolmie Peak, I couldn’t see much before me – barely the lake below me, and certainly not Mt. Rainier. Sometimes it’s good for our souls to have our view obscured. It can help us regain perspective and remind us that all that we have is the moment right where we are. Ignore what’s behind us, trust that what’s ahead of us is awesome, even if we can’t see it, and just simply find something to enjoy in the here and now with what we can see.

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