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Sep 09 2016


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I Long For the Day

I long for the day
When fire and water collide
Igniting our souls
40″ x 60″ Canvas Triptych Print $650

Aside from Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” billboards, this may be one of the largest prints ever made from an iPhone photo. In choosing the centerpiece of this exhibit, I wanted to choose a photo that summed up what I’m perhaps most known for with my photography. I also wanted to demonstrate that there are really very few limitations to what can be done with iPhone photography.

Having helped frame and hang the Mobile Photography Awards booth at the Silicone Valley Contemporary Art Fair in 2014 and participating in the first ever show in San Francisco in 2012, I have seen some amazing and surprisingly large prints done from mobile phone cameras.

As one presidential candidate in this upcoming election might say — this one is YUUUUUUUUUGE!

To print images this large the artist must take many things into consideration. The most important variable is capturing the image in the highest quality you can. As I mentioned in my “Summer’s Last Journey” image page, every flaw in the photo is magnified when you print this big. One trick in selecting a photo to print this large, though, is to use an image where the details are not very important to the composition. Here, the subject of the image is far more the shape and color of the clouds than it is anything else. Keeping the gradients and textures intact is important.

This particular image had a little bit of JPG banding in the clouds, but this is a technical limitation of the iPhone and (up until iOS 10) not being able to shoot in RAW format. This issue is magnified in a print this large.

In spite of this charactheristic and limitation, however, I knew I could take the image into Photoshop on my computer and work to clean it up for printing, after resizing the photo so it would be large enough to print. I used OnOne’s “Perfect Resize” (formerly known as Genuine Fractals) for that enlarging task. This is the only image that I edited further on my computer — and only because I was aware of the technical limitations and needed a more powerful tool to do this specific printing task. The main editing of the photo was done entirely on my iPhone.

This image, and this exibition, provides me with a grateful sense of accomplishment. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to share my work, and for the interest people have in it. I wanted to Go Big with sharing the possibility of what can be done to create art on such a small device. I hope in viewing this image, you find some inspiration.

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