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Sep 09 2016


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During a deluge

During a deluge
You can mourn the wet weather
Or wear dancing shoes.
12″x12″ Photograph $150

Since this is a photography exhibit of images completely done on a cell phone, I felt some sense of obligation to share something that resembles a “selfie”. After all, the smartphone really did usher in the age of the #selfie.

It is also an image of #PaulsDock — a hashtag I started using on Instagram shortly after I moved to my condo on Black Lake in Olympia. On my “Autumn at Grass Lake” image page, I talk about how Grass Lake used to be my secret place to reflect and find quiet. But once I moved to my current spot, this quiet time has been spent in my own back yard. I am beyond grateful for where I live and the amazing park-like environment our property contains. I could’ve done this entire show from sunsets I’ve experienced from our community dock, too, but chose to limit it.

My favorite word is “perspective” and the moment I captured here helps bring me back into perspective. So many times, I’ve walked out to the dock to sit in quiet reflection to gather my thoughts and find positive energy. I’m convinced we control very little of our circumstances — but we can control our attitude and how we handle our circumstances. When we are able to find gratitude, love, and fascination in any circumstance, we can better live a life filled with joy regardless of our circumstances.

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