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Sep 09 2016


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The master’s paintbrush

The Master’s Paintbrush
–If by design or through chance — 
Paints masterfully
16″ x 20″ photograph $200

As I mentioned on the “During a Deluge…” image, I could have done a complete show of sunset photos from my “back yard” (the lakefront property that my condo community owns on Black Lake in Olympia). It was important to me to share a larger segment of my work, however, and chose to pick two of my favorite sunset photos.

Choosing between favorite sunsets, though, is like having to pick a favorite fingerprint or snowflake. They all are so different and so full of fascination and wonder individually. Sunsets are also commonly photographed by pretty much everyone. That boundary between “pretty picture” and “art” can be blurred since it’s decently easy to stick your camera up to the sky and capture the colors.

The challenge with sunsets, however, is that the camera doesn’t see what the eye can. It takes skill to know how to tweak camera settings to capture more of the rich colors sunsets often provide. Since I get a lot of practice in my back yard shooting sunset photos with my iPhone, I was asked to write an article on how to better capture sunset. For this image, I sensed that the trees acted as the paint brushes used to paint the sky and its reflection in the lake. Between the boat traffic and the wind, it can be challenging to capture mirror-image reflections on the water. This particular sunset was worth capturing in printed photo to outlast the impermanent nature of both the sunset moment and the digital sharing on the Internet.

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