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Sep 09 2016


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Autumn at Grass Lake

Autumn at Grass Lake – 16″x20″ Canvas Print $200

This area is one of my “secret spots” in town. In my own way previously, I laid claim to this lake as my own — as sort of my own version of Walden Pond. It is a public park, but as many times as I have been there, I’ve encountered other people only a few times.

I used to drop my son off at school and stop in and visit this spot pretty regularly. In late summer and early fall the lake is really low and I can walk all the way over to the yellow trees in the background. The morning light here, especially on a foggy morning, is incredible. I have spent so many quiet moments gathering my thoughts here getting ready for the day ahead of me.

The iPhone’s unique ability to shoot, edit, and share an image on the same device opened up the doors for me and really expanded my creativity. This particular image uses a technique where I use an app to create a version of a photo that resembles a painting, and then paint back a part of the original photograph. I am a terrible painter and my handwriting is even worse. But using a stylus, or my finger, I can at least pretend.

The light in this “secret spot” as the leaves start to change just beckons to be captured in a painting. This is my interpretation and presentation of this vision, and the light and reflections as I saw them in this moment.

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