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Sep 09 2016


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Dynamic Sunrise Light in the Gorge

Dynamic Sunrise Light in the Gorge – 16″x20″ Photograph $200

The Columbia River Gorge is my second home, and a very special place to me and my family. My dad grew up in Stevenson, Washington, and I’ve always been in awe of the scenery there. When I first got into photography, I spent many moments in my grandmother’s back yard with my film camera capturing the clouds and the light there. The cascading layers of mountains broken up by the smooth curves of the mighty flowing Columbia River have likely caused many people to pause and admire the view, long before Lewis and Clark made their famous journey.

We often see sunrises and sunsets presented in color. And color is often the subject of most sunrise/sunset photos. In this image, however, I really felt the range of texture and shadow accompanied with the burst of the sun just coming over the mountains was the most important element to capture. I did post the color version, but I far prefer this one since I don’t see color as important in this image.

This is a popular place to shoot photos, especially at sunrise during the summer, so getting up earrrrly to get a spot is important. Later summer the crowds die down a little, and by late August if you’re good about catching sunrise here, you might even be the first one to Multnomah Falls – and can pick a primo parking spot to quickly grab some falls photos before the crowd arrives. And once you’re done shooting photos there as the crowds start to arrive, grab a mocha at the coffee stand. For some reason, they just simply taste better after being up early enough to catch the amazing sunset.

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