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Sep 09 2016


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The Eye of the Iris

The Eye of the Iris
24″ x 24″ Canvas Print $250

Sunflowers, roses and irises have to be my three favorite flowers. The incredible details inside irises in particular captivate me to no end. Add in a little rain to enhance the textures, and I can’t help but stare in fascination.

I used the unique macro feature built into the Camera+ app by TapTapTap which somehow magically simulates the close-focus ability of a macro lens on the iPhone without the use of an actual lens attachment or sacrificing resolution. By enlarging and concentrating on the inner-details of the iris, the flower becomes almost unrecognizable as an iris and takes the viewer into a different, not-normally-seen world. Since macro photos taken with a “real” camera tend to have shallow depth-of-field, the amount of the image in focus is also limited. By blurring the details, too, this sense of depth is enhanced and more dimension is experienced by the viewer. It leans more abstract without being too absurd.

I was experimenting with some thoughts on this technique — using limited focus/shallow Depth of Field as a compositional element — a decade ago when I started to re-explore photography. To be able to push the capabilities of the iPhone more into the realm of what could previously only be done with a larger camera is a testament to the wide range of apps available that help a skilled photographer accomplish his or her vision using an iPhone. Cameras in phones that use Android OS are at least as capable, technologically, those in the iPhone (if not moreso), but the app ecosystem for iOS is far superior and far more flexible for photography than Android OS. Certainly good images can be and have been made with Android phones, but in my experience the apps available for the iPhone are more abundant and more powerful.

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