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Sep 09 2016


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Amy’s Rose

“Amy’s Rose” – 24″x24″ Canvas Print $250

Beautiful colors
Delicate and full
Refreshed by raindrops
Adorned in richness
Soft and true
Patiently waiting
To watch the unfolding splendor
Explode in silent bursts
Evidence of belovedness
Held in those hearts
United by grace

The beauty of the light in the morning, after a spring rain especially, entrances me and draws me into any garden I happen to be near. I love the beauty of flowers, and especially am fascinated by their details. By getting as close as I can with the phone and still being able to keep the image in sharp focus, I am able to abstract the rose into its color, shape, form and texture. The droplets help bring the sensation of coolness that one feels on a damp morning.

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