Sometimes a small sensor helps.

The sensor itself is pretty weak – VERY limited ISO range (100, 200 & 400 only — and 200 is the max I should use it at), which is a shame because paired with that Summicron the DOF at F/2 is pretty deep. Can be hard to get that Leica glow from the bokeh if that’s what you want. But at 90mm it does show up nicely. This was taken at 28mm, the widest setting. It’s a fantastic camera in good light, but without using flash at ISO 100 or 200, the noise is pretty brutal.

Still, considering how little I paid for it, and how many other cool things it has, I really love this old digital dinosaur from 2004! The in-camera black & white (shown here, though processed slightly in Snapseed on the iPad to bring out some of the shadows a bit) is just so awesome and film-like.